My daughter's school recycles plastic bags through a program with WalMart to raise money for the school. They take any bag except black. The school and the environment both win. Contact your local WalMart for details on this program.
There are lots of ways to conserve water, and they are all painless. Set your sprinklers to water in the early morning, when it is cooler and your landscaping can benefit more. Watering during the heat of the day results in wasted water due to evaporation. Don't let the water run when brushing your teeth. Showers use much less water than baths.
The local hardware store has retractable clotheslines - they are not expensive and come in a variety of lengths. It was easy to install, and it's great because I can have an instant clothesline whenever I want, and when not needed it retracts up neatly and out of sight. There's something really satisfying about having clothes fluttering in the sunshine, not to mention how good they smell!
It's great to have reusable grocery bags, but they really only help if you have them with you at the store. When I first started using canvas bags, I can't tell you how many times I couldn't use them just because they were sitting at home in my pantry. Now, I make sure I bring the bags back to my car. That way, they're available even for unexpected trips. I also use them when shopping at stores other than the grocery store. Sure, I may still get a few strange looks at the office store or if I'm buying a shirt--but I know I'm making a contribution to less pollution. People are catching on that eliminating needless waste is a good idea anywhere.
Instead of tossing out dryer sheets after each use - consider using the wrinkled up sheet as a dusting cloth, which seems to be a dust magnet

Each member of our family has their own cloth napkin that they designed themselves. They use this napkin throughout the day to stop wasting napkins and paper towels.

Refill your inkjet cartridge for your printer. It's is beneficial to your pocket because it is less expensive than buuying an OEM part and it keeps your cartridge off the landfills!

Anytime that you cook pasta or steam vegetables you'll have a lot of extra water. Instead of pouring the water down the drain let it cool off and then use it to water your indoor and outdoor plants! The nutrients from the food that you boil will still be in the food, so it's extra healthy for your plants!

By choosing responsible travel, you can have the fabulous vacation that you've dreamed of, while ensuring that your dollars are benefiting the environment and the local people at your destination. When choosing destinations, accommodations, and tour operators, consider which ones work to protect the environment and benefit local cultures and communities. Choose wisely and ask questions - before you go, while you are there and after you come back. Learn more -

Used coffee grounds are an excellent plant food and soil conditioner; they attract earthworms, which do all kinds of good things for the soil, including providing worm castings, bags of which are ridiculously expensive if you have to buy them. You can toss the grounds directly onto a planting bed; in no time at all, the worms will have worked them into "black gold" for your garden and loosened your soil at the same time. (P.S. Get a reusable filter; I can't vouch for the biodegradability of the paper kind as I've not used them for a decade.)

Use a loofah(gourd family) instead of plastic in the kitchen to scrub the not too baked on junk. Can be washed in the dishwasher and disposed of in the compost.