Living GreenGreg Horn has been a leader in the health and wellness industry for two decades. His knowledge of and commitment to a lifestyle of health and sustainability have powered him to succeed as an executive for some of the top companies in the history of the natural products business. During his tenure as CEO of General Nutrition Centers (GNC), Greg was able to collaborate with leading experts in health and nutrition to bring science-based products to market.

After overcoming and learning to manage a severe case of multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), Greg has dedicated himself to sharing the principles of personal sustainability with people from all walks of life through his book Living Green, A Practical Guide to Simple Sustainability.

The positive response to this book, a best-seller in the sustainability category, called for something even greater. Together with Tom Foerstel, a long-time creative collaborator, the vision for a larger community in support of sustainable action on a personal level was born.