Re-Fined Motor Oil

Motor oil plays a critical role in your car’s engine – keeping the moving parts lubricated so that they won’t wear out prematurely.  Every 5,000 miles or so, you have to change your oil.  But where does all of that used oil go?  It turns out that some 30% of used motor oil is dumped in the back field or down the storm drain, and obvious environmental disaster.  The remainder, about 800 million gallons per year, is collected and burned, releasing its load of carbon and heavy metals directly into the air that you and I (and everyone else on the planet) breathes.  Eventually it rains, and the heavy metals fall back to the ground and oceans.

Time for an oil change.
There is something you can do to keep the remnants of your motor oil out of your air and water.  Have your oil changed at a professional shop that collects the waste oil, and ask where that oil ends up.  In many parts of the country, from California to Wichita, collected waste oil is going to special re-refineries.  These re-refineries take the waste oil as a raw material instead of imported crude oil, refine out the impurities, and create new, high-performance motor oil in a simple and efficient process. This re-refining process keeps waste oil out of the air and water while reducing our dependence on imported crude oil.  To close the loop, ask for your re-refined replacement oil for your car or truck.  Your choices as a consumer can reduce environmental impact while reducing the need for imported crude oil - a simple choice for a more sustainable life.