Looking for a New Job Title? How About Chief Sustainability Officer.

Red Bull has one. The North Face has one. Virgin Atlantic, Coca-Cola, Apple, they all have one. Turns out, the most coveted job title at many businesses nowadays isn't CEO or VP of Marketing. Nope, in today's world the job title to have is Chief Sustainability Officer. Working on tasks that range from the greening of day-to-day business practice to helping ensure that EPA regulations are met or exceded, the CSO is quickly moving from trend to necessity as organizations look to keep work places sustainable, innovative, competitive, environmentally aware, and safe. So if you're passionate about eco-friendly practices and economic growth, sustainability and green innovation, healthy employees and a healthy bottom line, or simply want a resume worth talking about, check out these graduate programs in Sustainable MBAs: Presidio School of Management and Bainbridge Graduate Institute.

The Four Ws of Recycling

Hopefully the “Why” is obvious, so let’s move onto the Who, What, When and Where. When it comes to recycling, conditions unique to your area and situation apply. Some counties are more recycling friendly than others, while many enforce strict regulations on what you can and can’t toss into the blue bins. It’s important to get to know your local recycling centers and their rules well. Do plastic lids get thrown in or thrown out? Does curbside pick-up exist in my town? If not, where’s the nearest drop-off area and what am I aloud to take? Am I doomed if I mix my brown paper bags with office paper? And what about electronics? For quick and easy access to a recycling center near you, visit

Just Coasting

We’ve all grabbed a book of matches from our favorite watering holes and restaurants, but have you ever thought to take the cocktail coasters home with you too? For a quick and easy way to reuse and a fun addition to your coffee table, start pocketing clever coasters when you go out on the town. The result is an eclectic collection of reused and reusable glass mats.

Buy Locally—Beer That Is

Do you know where your favorite brew comes from? As much as we love our savory suds, many bottling companies must ship from hundreds to thousands of miles away to get them to local liquor stores. Instead of opting for the big box brewery, save the planet from the hazards of shipping and check out your local scene and support your fellow brew masters by visiting:

The Top 25 Greeniest Cities in the U.S.

Picking up and moving might not be the smallest thing you can do to help save the planet, but if you’re passionate about green living, has a list of the Top 25 Greeniest Cities in America. From Austin to Denver to Huntsville, AL, check out the most eco-friendly locales near you:

Hang It Dry

With spring upon us, it’s time to start thinking of ways to utilize the warm weather and sunshine to help you be more energy efficient and save on utility bills. One easy way to do this is to hang dry your clothes, instead of relying on the energy-heavy clothes dryer. Use a rack inside your home or a dyer line outside. You’ll save upwards of $20 to $50 per year. Looking for tips on how best to save, clip, fold, and hang? Visit

It’s Earth Month!

Okay, okay, we know. Every month should be Earth Month and for many of us it is as we strive for greener, more socially responsible living practices. But the month of April marks the official Earth Day (April 22, 2009) and with it, we’re presented with numerous opportunities to clean up our local communities. Wondering what you can do to help? The official U.S. Government Earth Day website, offers a variety of ideas and opportunities for you to get involved. The site is full of tips to help you save energy, use less water, reduce/reuse/recycle and more at home. Looking to green-up your workplace and encourage others to do the same? Make sure to check out’s ideas on how to start commuting, using green buildings, reducing energy use and more.

A New Leash on Doggy Bags

Plastic grocery bags pose a threat to the environment, this much we know. Throwing them away, empty and un-reused is not only harmful, but also wasteful when there are a number of things one can do with those #2 white plastic bags. The first thing that comes to mind is doggy bags… as in, the pooper-scooper kind. Instead of pulling on your local dog park to provide a way to pick up after your pooch, reuse your plastic grocery bags instead. Is your recycling bin overflowing with them? Take a handful down and attach them to the plastic doggy bag dispenser for others to use!

Switch to Glass Baby Bottles


Glass Bottles

Many baby bottles are made with polycarbonate—a rigid plastic that can leak bisphenol A into a bottle’s contents. Couple this with the fact that plastics have a multitude of detrimental environmental effects and it’s a good reason to consider switching your baby’s bottles to glass. Glass won’t leach harsh chemicals, regardless of liquid temperature. Of course, make sure to inspect the bottles often for chips and cracks. Take it one step further and replace standard rubber nipples with clear, silicone nipples. Silicone nipples are free of potential carcinogens and last longer making them better for your baby’s health and the health of the environment.

There are many different brands available. The above are by evenflo, available through the Natural Baby Catalog.

Vampire Energy: It Sucks.

If you’re looking to save on those energy bills and help the planet out in the process, power down and unplug your electronics. Devices that are plugged into the wall, even if turned off, continue to consume energy. Appliances are either in passive standby mode (the clock on the microwave or oven) or active standby mode (the TV is off, but you’ve set TiVo to record). According to Good Magazine, it’s estimated that “vampire energy” costs U.S. consumers $3 billion a year so be conscious about hitting the power button or, better yet, unplugging your appliances completely when they’re not in use.

Here is one of the videos from our contest (winners announced April 14th!) that support this cause:

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